Fluor Architectur - Guillaume Avenard and Hervé Schneider

Child Care Centre

LAMPERTHEIM / Facing urban noise and nuisance, this child care centre raises up a protective lattice street side. In the gardens behind, the centre opens up with a play of facades drawing on the imaginary world of tree houses.

The design of this child care centre (40 places) was part of a larger programme including the renovation of a library and a music school. In the heart of a dense urban environment, only one vacant parcel remained, which naturally became the location for the centre. The building was oriented so as to free the space from both visual and noise pollution and to open up peaceful, generous views onto the gardens.






The Street in Front. Imagination takes hold through the colourful play of the lattice on the facade. Yet, this lattice also rises up in one strong piece that affirms its identity both as resolutely protective of children and as a public building. Thus, this envelope weaves a boundary between the “outside,” bustling with life, and the “inside,” the warm and cosy space of the child care centre.

The Gardens Behind. On the facade, the spacing of shapes and openings as well as the choice of wood siding conjures up the myth of the tree house, awakening children’s imagination. Ideal and idealized, it evokes a haven of peace and adventure. There, far from adult eyes, children can take refuge, play, and dream in an environment they control.

Fact sheet

Location : Lampertheim (67, France)

Mission : Base + EXE + OPC + MOB
Budget : 2,7 M€ HT
Surface : 1 200 m²
Livraison : Project cancelled by the general contractor

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Ville de Lampertheim et CAUE 67

Économiste, BET Structure, BET Fluides, OPC : OTE
HOE : Otelio
Cuisine : Ecotral

Childcare Centre . Lampertheim,Education

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