Fluor Architectur - Guillaume Avenard and Hervé Schneider

Drama and Surprise

FULL vs. EMPTY / All scenography plays with empty and full spaces. The design of the Colmar Houssen Beach configures these shapes . . .

. . . to punctuate the space as visitors move through it and to dramatize the surprises that create a feeling of changing scenery: the emptiness in the space resounds as an invitation to holiday. The iconic silhouette of the beach hut serves as the basis for this play of solids and voids, such as the three openings that house the cabins, or the iconic gateway to the beach: on the high dune between the car parks and the lake, two gigantic beach huts (6 m high) pull visitors in two directions at once – towards the water and to “somewhere else”. Their oversized blue and white stripes also refer to this play on full and empty shapes through an optical illusion.




Colmar Beach . Colmar-Houssen,Recreation

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