Fluor Architectur - Guillaume Avenard and Hervé Schneider

Modular Exhibition Stands

SCHIRMECK / In the lobby of this memorial with powerful architecture, these ultra-functional and mobile structures are also narrative objects.

Overlooking the valley, this building reaches toward the heavens. Designed by the François Seigneur and Sylvie de la Dure architecture firm, it puts Nazi oppression and European reconciliation into perspective. The desire for a modular exhibition stands for the lobby gave rise to a design appropriate for the function as well as the symbolism of the environment – a symbolism that recounts a narrative through volumes and materials.





Dualities. Everything in this space translates its multiple purposes (geographical, cultural, and historical). Inventing an object that reflects this multiplicity won over the selection jury.  When folded up, it forms a compact cube 3m on all sides, coated with felt: a cosy and friendly counterpoint to the difficult scenography of the place, but also an explicit reference to a comforting “blanket” and, more generally, the work of the German artist Joseph Beuys. When fully deployed, its 10 nested arcades in a thick inverted U shape have smooth and neutral surfaces, perforated with holes in the white fibreboard and glass (windows).

Variable geometries. The interior and exterior of modules multiplies the options for hanging and presenting. Mounted on wheels, they can be combined as needed for each exhibition. Connecting  two cubes, that is, two sets of 10 modules, the total surface obtained ranges from 10 to 200 m2.

Fact sheet

Location : Schirmeck (67, France)

Mission : Conception + Construction
Budget : 60 k€ HT
Area : 10 à 200 m²
Livraison : juin 2007

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Mémorial d’Alsace-Moselle

Atelier de décors : Lumidéco

Modular Exhibition Stands, Alsace-Moselle Memorial . Schirmeck,Culture
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