Fluor Architectur - Guillaume Avenard and Hervé Schneider

Learning to See

FRAMES / The young users of the Drülingen child care centre . . .  


FLUOR_1950_FLU028_COM_100910_29 FLUOR_1950_FLU028_COM_100920_19




. . . discover the different perspectives offered by their point of view, necessarily situated much lower than adults and often at a low angle. Thus, the openings shape the space through the perception they create through their unusual framing.

Piercing the surfaces everywhere – walls, partitions, ceilings – the openings concentrate the views here on a piece of sky, there on a portion of the garden, or on friends playing in the courtyard. As the windows are tinted, they project colourful shapes on the walls that move with the sun.

By teaching children how to look, these frames guide them in learning about space, orientation and, consequently, their relation to the other.

Childcare Centre . Drulingen,Education

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